Road trip PFE, Italy october 2013

La Spezia, Btomic - Pfe solo oct 8, 201320131008_pfebtomicWell, so… it was a very long time and it’s been great, I mean really great, to tour again. Can’t wait to do it with PFE band again.  For these first gigs since years I toured as PFE solo and performed in La Spezia @Btomic, Reggio Emilia @RedNoise/Catomes Tot and Torino @Blah Blah. These things happened thanks to my old friend Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo who’s been surprisingly always there when there was some PFE to launch, since PFE’s birth in 2002 when we played our first gig in Torino at Docks Dora. Continue reading

PERMANENT FATAL ERROR solo tour – Italia

Permanent Fatal Error - Olivier Manchion— October 8 @ BTOMIC, La Spezia
October 9 @ RED NOISE Reggio Emilia
October10 @ BLAH BLAH, Torino *
— November 28 @ Neon Caffe Rimini

* special guest Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen)
>Read the “Road trip” about these gigs
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« Olivier Manchion è stato fondatore e bassista degli Ulan Bator con il quale ha pubblicato classici del “post-punk/rock” come “Polaire”, “Végétale” e l’ultimo “Ego:Echo”, prodotto da Michael Gira Continue reading

with RHYS CHATHAM “Guitar trio” (Live in Ravenna IT, 2008)

26 marzo 2008 IT Ravenna Bronson
20080327_chatham2  20080327_chatham1 with RHYS CHATHAM “Guitar trio” (Live in Ravenna IT, 2008) 20080327_chatham4

—Guitars Rhys Chatham, Paolo Iocca (Boxeur the coeur, ex Blake/e/e/e, ex Franklin Delano), Marcella Riccardi (BeMyDelay, ex Blake/e/e/e, ex Franklin Delano, ex Massimo Volume), Egle Sommacal (Massimo Volume), Checco Giampaoli (Sur, Quartetto Klez), Michele Monti (Duecento al Secondo, Società del Caveau) —Bass Olivier Manchion (Permanent Fatal Error, Faust, ex-Ulan Bator, Damo Suzuki Network) —Drums Angelo “Gelo” Casarrubia (Duecento al Secondo, Narcotics, Società del Caveau) Continue reading